A gentle touch, a silent goodbye

A nod of heads, a battle cry

All I’ve ever asked for, my single lasting plea

Sunk beneath the ocean, buried undersea

You turned your head, showed your back

The dagger was sharp, a ruthless attack

What scared me most, what left a scar

Was your crooked smile, so close yet afar

Led me on, gave me hope

Turned a corner, left my dreams up in smoke

I’ll let you live, won’t set you aflame

I’ll let you play your dirty little game

I wasn’t your first, and I won’t be your last

I can say this in certainty, blame your unending lust

Lust for sorrow, thirst for tears

This tale has no end, it’ll last for years

Heed my warning, not all ghosts roam the night

Some fear not the sun, and hide in plain sight