Feathers blown backwards

Feet bent towards the dark

Oh circling blackbird

Eat not the lesser lark

Hello dear readers, it’s been a month since I last wrote. I trust, and know for a fact, that you’ve all been good. Coincidentally, or rather, uncoincidentally, it’s also been a month since I first donned the uniform of a Junior College student. It’s been a hectic month of meeting new people, making new friends and staying awake (cough) during lectures. I’m excited about this new chapter in my life, and I’m determined to make sure its first paragraph would be a bloody good one.

Having studied in a boy’s school for the last four years, I was eagerly anticipating an educational experience with those of the opposite sex. Striding confidently into the school hall, I took a seat beside a girl dressed smartly in a navy blue pinafore. Greeting her good morning, I awaited her response with bated breath. Alas, my first taste of conversation would begin with a rather depressing “Could you move? My friend’s sitting here later.” Clearly dejected, I shifted my belongings to another row and buried my head in my hands. This wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

I was blessed with a wonderful orientation group, one that was warm and accepting. The walls that separated us were knocked down in a matter of days, thanks in no small part to two particularly outgoing individuals who acted as social superglue. Fourteen meals at Eighteen Chefs and eighteen falls in the ice skating rink later, I can confidently say we’re one big happy family. I’m a quiet person by nature, so there are times where I may seem distant, but I trust that my orientation mates know that they hold a big place in my heart. After all, they were the first people I could call friends in a new, foreign environment.

Fast forward two weeks, and I’m now in the company of my new classmates, eighteen wonderful people, all unique and beautiful in their own ways. Project work group assigned, class committee positions decided, all that’s left to do is to hang on and enjoy the ride. Oh, about that poem up there that I wrote, let me explain. I had a horrid day today, and those four lines sum it up. I’ll leave you to decipher its meaning. Anyway, I hate to end on a somber note, so here’s to two years filled with happiness and success. Clink your drink against mine, dear brothers and sisters, hell do we need each other.