“I like the idea of a second heart.”

Hello, my name’s Cedric, and I’m a political science student living in Singapore. Welcome to the little space here I call home. Words bring meaning to my life, sprinkling colour onto my rather bland, but burgeoning adulthood. I hope to bring a little colour to your lives too. If there’s one piece of advice I could give, it’s to remember that life is transient. The pain you’re feeling now? It’ll pass one day, as will any happiness. Life is equal parts tragic as it is incredible. A fire was lit the day we were born, and it’s our responsibility to kindle it on. After all, when we meet our makers, it’s a majestic inferno we want to present them with, not mere cinders. Till then, enjoy my journey here, and don’t forget to pen down your own. Our lives, despite their brevity, are worth remembering. Words are capable of achieving that. Long after we breathe our final breaths, they’ll live on. Only they can share the stories we no longer can, and that’s a miracle in itself.


Email: cedric@cczh.co

Instagram: @cedelick