She liked her steak rare, black and blue even. Watching those crimson slices of meat disappear into her mouth, I was always left halfway between awe and disgust. Her taste for blood unnerved me, yet for the better part of two years, she was my favourite dinner date. Few had her explosive appetite for knowledge and constant fascination with the world around her. Even fewer had her natural sensitivity towards feelings and unparalleled ability to light up rooms with her positivity. The balance between intellectual and emotional aptitude is a tough one to strike, but she had it perfect, not a touch more on either end. I adored her, and I wanted her to be my forever.

I thought she shared my sentiments, but then again, I was probably deluded. The first move, in my mind, would have been hers. Alas, my expectations of her were as untrue as they were unfounded. Before long, she faded away, her glorious light disappearing into the growing chasm between us. As she drove off in search of new sights, I could only watch on helplessly, stranded like a streetlight on an infinite highway. She could dream of the future, for our past was a burden left for me to carry alone. I had a clear sight of the target, pity I never took a shot, and pity how I may never get another.