The sky seemed to be split in two, one side splashed with violent orange, and the other a soothing shade of purple. I sat alone, book in hand. Ants may have been exasperating companions on the rotting wooden bench, but I tried my very best to ignore their inescapable presence. Pardon me for my constant trips down memory lane, but the picturesque scene brought to mind my second ever blog post. Almost a year ago, I visited the Chinese Gardens with a bottle of Perrier, in search of a quiet place to reflect. This sure fit the bill, despite the park in which I was spending my evening being on the opposite end of the island. With pleasant breezes and cricket calls enveloping me, the stage was set for a beautiful sunset.

As the sun began to make its way to bed, I closed my book. Darkness began creeping in, like outstretched arms they hugged the landscape, their inky embrace driving the last strands of light away. Finally, the glistening sphere disappeared into the hills, a cue for its paler counterpart to rise. Now, I could go on into a cheesy paragraph, questioning why the light didn’t put up more of a fight, but that would be a monumental bore. Instead, let me end my story here and move on. After all, a second post in two days is deserving of something special.

I know Father’s day was yesterday, but let me take this opportunity to thank Papa again for all that he has given me. Thank you Papa, for being the man I aspire to be. Your strong beliefs and moral values that you have imparted unto me will always hold a big place in my heart. Thank you Papa, for never hesitating to tell me if I’m being a toot. Honesty hurts, but only those that love you can bear to speak the truth. Finally, thank you Papa, for being one of the few people who can both tolerate my incessant rants and provide invaluable advice thereafter. I may not show it, or say it frequently, but please know that I love you. I love you much more than you know.