It’s been weeks since I’ve last lay down on my bed on a weekday afternoon, and upon turning my head, my gaze rested upon my trusty laptop. It stood atop my desk, screen raised. It was an invitation to write, and it’s an invitation I accept with alacrity. I’ll try my very best, despite my fatigue, to provide you all with an adumbration of the past week, albeit one lacking in circumlocutions, which require a sharper mind.

To put it simply, the past week was a strange one. It started well, almost burning with positivity, but the fire was quickly extinguished, leaving only ashes by week’s end. It all culminated in an a conflict, one in which I’ll never be free of compunction. I had a wonderful Good Friday, filled with laughter and boisterous carousing. Friendships were forged and strengthened, while some bridges were unapologetically burnt. Following a weekend of unintentional procrastination, the school week started strongly, both in the academic sense and otherwise. Alas, it all went downhill from thereon.

On a more reflective note, I believe I’ve discovered my anathema: people who think that and act as if they’re better than others. Specifically, people who take every opportunity to put you down and play themselves up. Their heads are perpetually raised, yet their eyes point downwards, filled with raw condescension. In the past, intense rage would build within me during my interactions with them. However, I’ve learnt through experience the most effective way to deal with these people. And that is to agree with them, to nod and to smile, and to play along with them. Despite my strong feelings towards them, upon closer inspection, I always understand the reasons behind their actions. Once I do, it is impossible not to want to help them change their ways.

Pardon my aggressiveness, for my aim is not to denigrate anyone, and trust me when I say I would never stoop so low. In putting my thoughts into words, I calm myself. Although my aim, to a significant extent, is to give enjoyment to my readers, my eternal belief is that the motivation to write should lie within yourself. I hope to write again soon.

Note: Excessive use of vocabulary for trial purposes only.