Life (Part 2)


“Life has a beautiful, crazy design.”

The sight before me was pleasantly familiar, for the same scenery had greeted me just a little over a year earlier. Dramatic stone cliffs dotted with precariously positioned bushes met the emerald lake at an almost perpendicular angle. Being so used to the concrete jungle on the mainland, this majestic sight seemed slightly surreal. Palau Ubin does have its sweet spots. My classmates were seated with me, our bottoms cushioned by wild, scraggly grass. Their endless, but welcome chatter surrounded me, but I was strangely silent.

I took a second to zone out from my surroundings, to let everything fade into the background. Closing my eyes, all I could hear was the soft breeze whispering its secrets into my ears. I am aware that there is more to life than examinations, but having been released from its vice-like grip on my time, I value highly the time afforded to me to let time just past me by. The rat race of the past month has given way to a sensual saunter. The effect of this is profound, as I now have the time to truly appreciate life and view it from an alternate perspective.

We often find ourselves frustrated with life, be it relationship complications or difficulties in studies, life often finds a way to hurl an obstacle at us at every corner. And due to this constant dissatisfaction, we tend to neglect the positives, letting even the littlest of negatives overshadow them. I say ashamedly that I too wallow in the ponds of sorrow far more than I swim in the oceans of happiness. I would pick out the smallest of issues in a largely perfect day and label it a failure in its entirety. Instead of being content with what I have achieved, I dwell in the disappointment of what could have been.

Opening my eyes, I was greeted by a pair of inquisitive eyes.

“Wah, very quiet ah Chin!”, said the proud owner of those piercing eyes.

Unable to contain my joy, a beaming smile spread across my face. At that precise moment, I realised what a blessed man I was. I am blessed to be able to call these people seated around me, and indeed many others, true friends. I am blessed to have family members that love me unconditionally, who support me regardless of my decisions, and who are more than willing to guide me through the maze of life. I am blessed with the gift of education, to be able to fill my mind with knowledge that will enable me to make my mark on this world. And above all, I am blessed with the gift of life itself, to experience this wonderful universe from my little perspective.

All my sorrows seemed so miniscule beside these blessings, and by comparing them I had learnt a priceless lesson. Love life and it will love you back.

“Wah, Chin, what the hell are you smiling at?”, this time in a more worried tone.

I looked into his eyes and proudly proclaimed, “Everything.”