Be perfectly honest with yourselves, when was the last time you felt truly happy? You probably already have an answer in your head, but hold on to that thought for just this moment and hear me out.

I like to think of happiness as a trader, for it’ll give you some happiness, but in return, it’ll take away some you already have. That is why I can’t remember the last time I was truly, one hundred percent happy, because apart from the good, there’s always something lurking in the shadows, weighing me down. This is not to say I’m an unhappy person, in fact, I am one of the more cheerful chaps you’ll come across. My question is how much happiness do you need to have to feel truly happy? I can hear your chuckle, no, this isn’t a lame attempt to play with words, but rather a genuine, heartfelt query. I know for a fact that it is virtually impossible to have everything going right in your life, therefore there’s always going to be that gap, or rather brick wall, between you and reaching that elusive one hundred percent happiness. The happiest people I know don’t always have the smoothest of lives, so how is it possible for them to smile so radiantly? The answer is simple, they are contented with what they have.

Without being stereotypical, I can divide the elderly people that I know into two broad categories, the discontented and the contented. The discontented constantly moan about their seemingly horrible lives, their physical pain, their children, their lack of branded goods for example. I struggle to comprehend why, at their old age, they live with so much unhappiness and regret. I don’t want to say this too early, but if I were to live to their age, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be counting my blessings instead of the other way around. This brings me to the contented elderly. I admire them, I truly do. Their golden years are filled with positivity, they wake up every morning and thank God for each new day. I think this is beautiful, it warms my heart to see them smile and it teaches me so many lessons. I hope I’ll follow in the footsteps of the latter rather than the former.

Having applied a more positive attitude towards life, I can now proudly say that I am a happier person. No longer am I weighed down by rocks of sorrow, for I have left these burdens behind. Instead I fill my backpack with fluffy clouds, clouds of innocent satisfaction. With all that weight lifted off my shoulders, I am now free to run, to run and embrace what the future holds.