The dull thudding of raindrops against the black fabric of my umbrella was all I could hear, as I stood silently by the pavement. I was wearing my suit, neatly ironed and fresh, bearing the welcome aroma of clean linen. Jet black leather shoes acted as the buffer between my feet and the cold, wet ground. A single rose sat lonely atop my left breast pocket, its velvety red colouring a stark contrast compared to my monochrome outfit.

I gazed at the bus stop opposite the road, but alas, it was empty. Clutching my pocket watch harder, I glanced at its sleek copper cover, before flipping it over with a flick of my forefinger. My lonely little heart broke again. The fire of hope was quickly extinguished, as the simmering flame illuminated my heart no more. The cold silver against my chest suddenly became painfully apparent, so I yanked my necklace off. It broke into pieces, twinkling silver flying like fairy dust, landing on the pavement, giving the rainwater a magical glitter.

Throwing my umbrella as far away from me as I could, I ran into the distance. My suit absorbed rainwater like a sponge, chilling me to the bone. But still I ran, my muscles screaming in protest. Every puddle I stepped on rippled, beautiful circles running from their epicentres. Then I stopped. Guffawing like a maniac, I danced in the cascading rain, the sheets of water acting like stage curtains. I never felt so free.