Red and white. Green and bright. Singapore, so small yet so big in our hearts. She is the oyster that nurtures the pearl that I am (cough). A shining beacon of progress, Singapore, just fifty years after its independence, now stands proud among giants. Obviously, I’m far too young to say I played any part in that, but I can say, with my chest puffed out, that I am well and truly Singaporean. Hundreds of plates of hainanese chicken rice later, I still feel as patriotic as I was in Primary School. It was in Primary School that we were taught to sing national day songs. I still remember our high pitched voices reverberating in the school hall, filled with passion and innocent joy. It was in the hall that we promised to “stand up for Singapore” and “reach out for the stars”. I say unashamedly that I still have a CD filled with national day songs that I sing along to when the mood permits. So, happy 50th birthday Singapore, you’ll always be my home.