I woke up in a puddle of cold sweat, rolling over hastily to check my alarm clock. The dull LCD screen proudly displayed in dull, red numbers that it was half past nine. A wave of panic surged through me, my fingernails digging into the soft linen. What subject is the next paper on? How much content do I have left to cover? Then, as quickly as the panic attack started, the heavens parted and the light of realisation struck me like a rainbow would a pot of gold. I was a free man.

I somehow found the determination, with all credit going to my bladder, to get out of bed. I staggered to the toilet, each footstep thudding loudly against the smooth marble floor. My internal autopilot was able to handle the back and forth motion of teeth brushing with relative ease, with only a small dollop of toothpaste foam landing on my belly button. Every strand of my hair seemed to be trying to escape my scalp, each standing on end, forming what seemed like an inadequate afro. As I had learned from past experience, a handful of tap water does wonders in extinguishing their escapist tendencies.

Following an underwhelming breakfast which consisted of a cup of Milo and a dry biscuit, I plopped my bottom down on my study room chair. My stomach was groaning, seemingly dissatisfied at my poor attempt at pleasing its hunger. Trust me, if I was half of a cook as I am a sleepyhead, I would make sure the vast mother lode of ingredients in my kitchen would not go to waste. Remind me to place a poached egg benedict and a triple diffused blueberry-saffron tea at the top of my to-cook list once I learn how to cook more than a pack of instant noodles.

As I searched relentlessly albeit fruitlessly for a television channel that was even mildly interesting, the date on the menu caught my eye. It was the sixteenth of November. Three months of glorious holidays lay ahead of me, but my emotions were mixed. Three days into three months and the thrill of freedom had already begun to fade. Here’s to a better tomorrow, hopefully one that starts with a poached egg benedict and a triple diffused blueberry-saffron tea for breakfast.