John, look deep into my eyes. Hold on there, I know you can. John, there are things in this world worth living for, you just haven’t found them yet. Such a magical place, ya know, the world. So beautiful yet so, so cruel. But I assure you, it’ll get better. One fine day everything would fix itself, you just have to take my hand and believe.

Times have changed, John, I know. Just look at me! I’m only sixteen, yet the future looks maddeningly bleak. I used to wake up with a smile on my face, eager to embrace the challenges life would throw at me. Make friends, excel in studies, the whole boat load. Yet now, after failures upon failures, heartbreaks upon heartbreaks, I find it hard to accept the truth. Sometimes, I’d even want to hear a beautiful lie, instead of facing the painful truth.

I’m still finding my way in the maze of life, I’ve been lost in here for a long, long time. But I know, for every dead end I run into, they’ll always be a sweet present waiting for me at the next turn. And I wouldn’t have to journey alone, they’ll always be people willing to venture forth with me, into the unknown. Every cloud has its silver lining John, and every rainbow you find out there? Chase it, for you never know what you may find at its end.

So take my hand John, and I’ll venture forth with you. You’ll be the captain and I’ll be your loyal navigator. There’s never gonna be a mountain too high or valley too deep ever again. See the stars out there? They’re twinkling for us John. Always remember, there’s always someone out there rooting for you. And you, only you, can be the true master of the grandest stage. Act out your destiny, John, there are still many scenes left. Come and say the lines with me, and sing, sing the choir of life, for it is majestic.