Circles upon circles, intersecting and enveloping – each circle represents an individual, and each connection between circles represents a relationship. I try very hard to become a master of the circles, but alas, there are far too many of them. They intersect at places unseen, and envelope each other in the most unexpected of places. I am but one circle in the sea of circles, and I can confidently say, I have yet to find my place. As each new dawn comes some circles grow, and some shrink. You might think that the circles which grow would most definitely grow closer to other circles, but no, the other circles could be growing further away from them. As the days grow old, the story becomes more complex. Like a work of art, circles overlap the entire canvas. Slowly but surely, some of the circles disappear, wiped off the canvas by the test of time. Some grow infinitely large, for having become a master of the circles, they can grow at will. Some, unfortunately, disappear into oblivion. Starved of love, they shrink into nothingness. I hope I’ll represent the former, rather than the latter.