The sky was pitch black, much like the water that made up the sterile oceans. Three suns hung overhead, each glowing a different hue, bathing the land with their intense rays. The soil that made up most of the land was a ghostly white, unable to provide sustenance to any form of life. The surface seemed scarred, ravaged by thousand-year storms that ripped across the surface, depositing stones that have travelled with the currents for eons. In the centre of this barren wasteland, like a beacon of hope, stood a towering mountain. Within the mountain lay the last surviving artificial structure in this world, the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary was designed to withstand this harsh environment, to enable its inhabitants to not only survive, but to survive comfortably. One would imagine such a place to be a cold, uncomfortable metal prison that would drive its inhabitants to insanity through plain isolation. However, the Sanctuary was anything but. Within the hard stone lay a marble paradise, filled with architecture of the ancients and the innovations of the current, all existing in perfect harmony. Generations of the Far’rer people lived together in relative prosperity, for as long as records existed.